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5 Things I Expect From 2019

5 things I expect from 2019

I have never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but, as 2019 is going to be a year of changes, I will start changing this. Here it is my list of five things that I expect from 2019.

In my latest post, in which I wrote about my experience as an entrepreneur since I was 19, I said that one of the things I wanted to do from now on was to travel more, so let’s start this list with that.

Travel more

In the last two years I’ve been in Milan, including a visit to Como and Garda Lakes, three times in Frankfurt (best thing of having family living there), and, within Spain, I have visited Cantabria (Suances and Cabárceno). Not bad, taking into account that before that I had not traveled for a long time.

Next step is Tenerife, in February, where we will have a week to relax and take some pics, which I am enjoying it a lot lately.

But that is not all, because my greatest resolution for this 2019 is going to study abroad. I need some time off from Madrid, and I think that the best thing to keep growing is to leave my comfort zone and try my luck in other country, at least for a year. When I studied my degree I didn’t spend a semester studying in other country, as some of my classmates did. I was so focused on my projects that I thought that going abroad would mean a “waste of time”, so I decided to stay.

But now that I am not working in any project, I think this is the best time to go on with studying, but in other country. I have not decided what to study, or where, yet. The only thing clear is that it will be something related to marketing. Nowadays, I am looking for masters in Denmark, Netherlands and France, but who knows.

Feeling good with my body

I started with this last year, as I had gained 16kg during 2016 and 2017, and it was the time to stop that madness and spend more time to take care of myself. During 2018, I managed to lose 9kg, but there is still work to do to be fit again. I’ve also been reading about nutrition and, thanks to that, and also thanks to being more regular with exercise, I could lose that weight in 2018.

I used to leave exercise as something secondary, and I barely spent some time during the week. Also, I used to eat a lot away, and, obviously, it wasn’t healthy food. That all ended when I reached 86kg and two more sizes, as I decided that I couldn’t go on like that and I started my biggest purpose last year. My initial idea was to have lost all those 16kg during 2018, but it wasn’t very realistic. Anyway, I am very happy for how I have evolved and I know that now, in 2019, I will get back to my shape.

This is the number 1 resolution for everyone when the year starts, and, although in Spain until the 6th of January we have festivities with family and friends, and that means eating too much (and not too good), from the 8th of January there won’t be more excuses.

Keep dedicating time for personal projects

I want to take a break after being an entrepreneur for 3 years, and, although I won’t close doors to anything, I have no intention to start a new business this year. I want to dedicate this year to grow and learn new things. One of the things I want to dedicate more time is to my blog, because I have it abandoned and I’ve always liked to write posts. So I think this will be my personal project for 2019. For now, I am writing this post, and I am planning the next one, so I’m on my way!

I won’t probably start another business this year, but I will be helping my girlfriend with her own project (I will tell you more about it soon), and, also, I will be helping her brother with another project, so it seems that I won’t be far from entrepreneurship, lucky me!

Anyway, I don’t think there is a bigger personal project than starting a new adventure abroad, studying or working, and this is my biggest challenge for this year.

Improve my English and learn a third, or fourth language

Since I was a kid, I’ve always attended to extracurricular English lessons, and, during four summers, I’ve been in England or Ireland to improve it and keep on learning it. Also, my Degree in Marketing was completely in English. But, since I finished my Degree, I haven’t practiced it too much. I barely watch films in English, or maybe I read some books in this language, but it wasn’t something regular, so, as it is understandable, I feel that my English level is a bit worse.

But, since two or three months ago, I changed my mind in that sense, and I started to watch all the series and films, and read all the books, in English. I have also translated my webpage into English, and all my posts will be in both languages, so I am also on my way with this!

But that’s not all, because since October I have started an intensive French course, four hours a day, five days a week. This is something I have always wanted to start again, but I always prioritized English, and, at the end of the day, I never started again with French. I studied it for four or five years at high school, and I always liked it and I didn’t feel that it was difficult, so I always wanted to reach, at least, an intermediate level in that language. And now I had the opportunity to start again with a short course (I’ll finish it in two weeks), but intense, and it has helped me to remember a lot of things and I will end this course with an intermediate level, although I still don’t know it will be a B1 or B2, but at least I can communicate in that language and understand it (I understand it better when written, rather than listened, but it is a matter of practice).

My initial idea was to study a master in France, in English, but I could also improve my third language in the day to day things. But now I’m not that sure about where I will be studying this year, so maybe I end studying a fourth language, something that I’ve always wanted (the more languages, the better), but I never thought that I could have the opportunity. But now it is something possible, and I like it a lot.

Keep growing

More than a resolution for this year, this would be a resolution for my life, but let’s think year by year, to keep focused. As I already said before, I want to study again, but this time abroad, so I guess this counts double in this point, doesn’t it?

My idea is to live some time abroad, although I will probably come back to Spain because of the weather, food and hours of light. I also want to become independent soon, and there won’t be anything better than living in other country for a time to have to manage everything myself without any help.

To finish, those who know me know that I am a shy person, at least the first days (then you will doubt if I am the same person). So, something I want, and I have to, change is this. One of the solutions I thought about was to use my YouTube channel to be more fluent in front of a camera, and talk about similar topics like the ones I write about here. This should be in the point about “Personal Projects”, but I’m not 100% sure about this so I will write it here (as it is at the end of the post not many people will read it). But, the important thing is to change this, so I will find out which is the best way, I’m sure.

These are my resolutions for 2019, and surely also your resolutions, I know I have not been very creative, but the important thing is to make them happen. You can leave a comment telling me what are your resolutions for this year, and If you have any piece of advise it will be more than welcome 🙂

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